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Christmas Classics, Vol. 3


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"Patapan" (excerpt)
Christmas Classics, Vol. 3
Now available!

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Ayanna (excerpt)
Music from the Documentary
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Antithesis (excerpt)
for Choir
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Walk Alone (excerpt)
Original Soundtrack
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"If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music."
-Gustav Mahler
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My original background as a professional filmmaker has a strong influence on my approach to composing music - particularly from the perspective of attempting to create pieces that conjure the picturesque as much as they do an emotionally connected auditory experience.

I studied music composition at, what is now referred to as, the Greatbatch School of Music at Houghton College. During my time there, I also became increasingly drawn to the visual arts and added filmmaking to my bag-o-tricks. For the years since college I've worked in the the video & film industry full-time as a composer and filmmaker.

Presently, I reside in New York and delight in travel (I'm equally at home on a Skype session too). I have a great network of Emmy winning filmmakers, award winning musicians, and highly skilled audio engineers that I tap into. I'm always excited for opportunities to meet filmmakers or game producers and to be one small part of enhancing their story or vision.

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